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SVS with Vidfamne, Starkodder & Olav




What happends at SVS
Winter 2012-2013


The Journeys:

2012 Bohuslän, Sweden >> With Vidfamne. The sailing through Bohuslän to Hornbore Viking Village. The second week with the new Electric Engine.
2010 Göteborg, Sweden >> With Vidfamne from Gothenius Warff to Klippan Harbour in Göteborg.
2008 Göteborg, Sweden >> With Vidfamne though Göteborg (Gothenburg) outer skerries.
2008 Bohuslän, Sweden >> The Square Sail Meeting in Roskilde, Denmark.
2007 River Göta Älv, Sweden >> First sail of the year with Vidfamne. In express speed from Älvängen, through the river Göta Älv to the former outer harbour in Hönö, outside Göteborg.
2006 Göteborg, Sweden >> With Vidfamne at the Volvo Ocean Race finish in Göteborg.
2006 >> The brand new sail to Vidfamne.
2005 Bohuslän, Sweden >> With Vidfamne in Bohuslän, Sweden.

2004 Göteborg, Sweden
2004 Bohuslän, Sweden

>> First sail of the year, Vidfamne.
>> The week under sail Part 1, Hornbore.
>> The week under sail Part 2, Back towards Hönö.
2003 >> With SVS in Sweden.
2002 >> With Vidfamne in Sweden.
2001 Norway >> With Vidfamne towards Sweden.
2001 Bohuslän, Sweden >> With Starkodder. The hardship through Bohuslän to Hornbore village etc.
2000 part 1, Sea sailing >> Storys from the ship and the journeys.
2000 part 2, Roskilde, Denmark >> Storys from the ship and the journeys.
2000 Göta Canal, Sweden >> Storys from the ship and the journeys.

1999 part 1, Norway

>> Storys from the ship and the journeys.
1999 part 2, Bohuslän, Sweden >> Storys from the ship and the journeys.
Swedish Dingy Championship in Vänersborg 1998, Sweden >> SVS with Vidfamne and Starkodder visited my hometown - Vänersborg in the summer of 1998, together with Sigrid Storråda (which I was on board).

The Ships:


- The Ship
- Data
- The Äskekärr no1 ship
- Photos
- Journeys


- The Ship
- Data
- The Foteviken no1 boat
- Photos
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- [ The Boat ] Link to SVS website
She has been sold and returned to the place of birth in Northern Norway.
- Data
- Photos

Henrik's Seksring:

- The Boat
...has "done its course" and is now with Oden (Woden) in Valhall. She became ash due to that we quickly had to move from the harbour in Älvängen.
- Data
- Photos

Ove Långe and SVS
( The story about me becoming a member of SVS )
"The Society of Viking age Ships"- Website
Sällskapet Vikingatida Skepp

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