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The Äskekärr 1-ship / Ale, Västergötland,Sweden. 16.5x4.8m.
> The Äskekärr ship - by Gothenborg Museum The Find
>> Vidfamne / Göteborg (1994). A sailing reconstruktion of the Äskekärr 1. Owner: SVS. Replica
>> Vidfamne - by Ove Långe Vikingship site Replica
>> Vidfamne - by The Viking Heritage Replica


The Äskekärr -1 Find

Found in 1933 at Äskekärr by the river Göta Älv, just south of Älvängen half an our north of Gothenburg . The find is put on permanent display at Göteborgs Stadsmuseum.

Vidfamne Data

Length: 16.5 m
Beam: 4.8 m
Weigth: 19 tones
Draught: 1.6 m
Construction material: Oak
Mast: Spruce 14.8 m high
Yard: Spruce 8.6 m
Number of rowers: max 14
Sail: 88 m², linnen.
Engine: Electric. One on each foldingpropeller. (Installation 2012).
Number of  passengers: max 12
Security equipment: Liferafts, Life jackets, Bilgepumps, Fire extinguisher, GPS, Radio, Lanterns etc.
Owner: SVS - Sällskapet Vikingatida Skepp (The Society of Viking age Ships), Gothenburg, Sweden.


Become a member. Support and participate in the society.
Payment: 300 SKR to:
Swedish Postgiro no: 680383-7, Sällskapet Vikingatida Skepp


It might be hard to find Vidfamne during the intense sailing periods, but the summer harbour is at Klippan Harbour in Gothenburg. You can go there by ferry, bus or by tram.


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