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Skepp och Skeppsfynd - från järnålder till medeltid

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About Finds & Replicas

Finds & Replicas is a document where you will find FINDS and REPLICAS of VIKINGSHIPS and related ships.


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European continent


Hedeby 1-skeppet / Hedeby, Tyskland. 31x ca2,7m, byggd ca.985 Funnen 1949-79. Bränd ca.990-1010.

> Hedeby 1 - av NAVIS 

The Find

Ralsweik 1-båten / Rügen, Tyskland (funnen 1967)

Ralsweik 2-båten / Rügen, Tyskland (funnen 1967)

>>  Fyrdraca / Solomon´s Island, MD USA (1979). Ägare: The Longship Company Ltd.


>> Bialy Kon / Tyskland (1998)


New constructed Continental ships

>> mm. Other

The Documents are split between the countries of the finds origin. The Finds are listed in blue with some data about them. Under each find is links to sites about the find (each link starts with ">") Then the replicas and their links follows (starts with ">>") The start ">>>" indicates other related links.

On the right side of each link is the link-category. Each find or replica-link starts with the "name" followed by "data about the link and the ship".

At the bottom follows once again a site-content and a site-foot with the copyrights and e-mail address.

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